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The following is a list of features you get on


  1. Catalog & Inventory
  2. Customers 
  3. Orders & Transactions 
  4. Reporting & Statistics 
  5. Shipping & Taxes
  6. Promotions & Discounts
  7. Content Engine

  1. Catalog & Inventory:
    • Unlimited level shop departments
      • Department>sub department >sub sub department>items 
      • Same item can appear in different departments
      • Customer can navigate through shop departments index as well as search for items in shop.
    • Item Attributes
      • Product can have different attributes:
        • Size (small, medium, large ),
        • Colors (red, black, white),
      • Different attributes can have different price, weight, SKUs.
      • Customer can buy same product with different attributes.
    • Item inventory management:
      • Specify how many items are in stock near item.
      • Hide out of stock items,
      • Notify shop admin when item is out of stock.
    • Cross Selling/Upselling
      • Related products can be attached to each other to offer buyers a better shopping experience!
    • Dynamic Pricing
      • Price can be change as a function of # of items ordered.
      • Buy 2 get one free. By more then 4 items pay 1.95 instead of 2.95)

  2. Customers:
    • Billing & Shipping
      • shop shipping & billing information in local database for additional future use.
      • Customer creates his/her own account with selected user Id and password then can re login to manage account / check status of past orders
    • Express Shopping
      • If enabled, shop purchase information (i.e. payment method, shipping method, tax) is kept in the database so that repeated customers do not need to re-enter any information to make a purchase. 
    • Customer Groups
      • Group customers to different groups, by location, purchase history, and / or company name.
      • Assign different discounts to different groups.
    • Retail Shopping
      • Simple turn-page navigation, uses the preferred relational (hierarchical) categorization of products.
      • Order a single item or many at a time
      • shop customer information in the database,
      • International transactions and shipping,
      • Customer order verification by email,
      • Printable invoice.
    • Budgets
      • Supports corporate purchasing accounts, customers can buy items in shop on a budget assigned by shop admin.

  3. Orders & Transactions
    • Shopping Cart
      • Editable shopping cart,
      • Wish List (save shopping cart for later use)
      • Email shopping cart to a friend
    • Order Manager & Purchase History
      • All transactions are recorded in database for later use.
      • Merchants can verify and process orders directly from browser.
      • Customers can check the status of their orders by entering via the "Past Orders" link.
      • All information is updated in real time by the shop administrator / owner .
    • Check Out
      • Purchase Order
      • Gift wrapping service
      • Credit card verification and secure real-time payments via and CyberCash. 
      • E-mail order notifications may be automatically sent to the customer, merchant, and other contacts. 
      • Customer side: Order process is easy as filling out one-two forms and entering credit card information.
    • Order Shipments
      • Merchants ship orders (writes a record to the database) and send e-mail to customers with Tracking ID and other shipping information, all information is shopd in the database for later retrieval .
      • Supports multiple shipments for the same order.
        • Example:Merchant can ship order #323 in 3 different shipments using 3 different tracking numbers, customer will see ALL shipments in his/her account and in real time.
    • Payment Methods
      • Eleven!  payment options are available:
        • Cash on delivery (COD),
        • Call me,
        • Charge my account (budget is assigned by shop admin),
        • Check,
        • Fax-order in,
        • Money Order,
        • American Express,
        • Diner's Club,
        • Discover,
        • Mastercard,
        • Visa.

  4. Reporting & Statistics
    • Advanced built-in reporting system for shop merchants:
      • Order, traffic and basket totals
      • Revenues and cost totals (also profit / lost)
      • shop inventory totals
      • Items inventory stock count,  Best-sellers Items
      • Product Sales, Sales Totals, Sales Tax, Shipping Charges, Users Visits, Registered customers. 
      • Sales analysis:
        • Conversion ratio (ratio between shoppers / buyers) 
        • Expected sales per month/year
    • Real Time Credit Card Processing
      • Supports real time credit card processing using CyberCash &

  5. Shipping & Taxes                                                                             
    • Shipping Options
      • shop merchant can select from six different classes of shipping:
        • 1) Flat fee per order,
        • 2) Flat fee plus weight rate,
        • 3) None, included as a product option,
        • 4) Flat fee based on order total,
        • 5) Percentage of total order, and
        • 6) Flat fee based on weight of order total.
      • You may add unlimited custom shipping methods for each type of shipping class.
      • Each shipping method may be assigned to different countries.
    • Taxes
      • Easily add your state/region tax rates, different tax rates can be assigned to different shop departments as well.   At checkout, the customer is automatically notified of the sales tax amount and rate based on his or her state/region given in the shipping address.
      • now supports the ability to allow customers to be tax exempt. (i.e. pay no tax)

  6. Promotions & Discounts    
    • Promotion Engine
      • Offer groups of your customers a variety of special discount options:
        • Give discounts / free items / free shipping by date and/or amount of purchase.
          • Example: I want to give all customers who buy more then $500 a free CD
    • Coupon Engine
      • Create manage and distribute coupons to your customers.
        • Coupons can be used a defined number of times and have expiration dates on them.
          • Example: Give out coupon# 4ZR44 which gives your user 30% discount
    • Product Special
      • Assign special prices for a specific period of time for your products .
        • Customer see the discount as well as your special message text
          • Example: 5% discount on all comics books for a period of one month 
    • Member Pricing
      • Assign different customer groups different prices. 
        • Example: All customers from USA get 15% discount
    • Gift Services
      • Add gift services to your shop.
        • Customers can define and order as a gift and include a gift message as well as choose to wrap their gift with special wrapper

  7. Content Engine
    • Add/Manage Content
      • Add content to shop easily, can be updated anytime from any web browser.
        • Add news, promotion information, special descriptions and marketing slogans to any page / section in shop. 
      • Your entire site is built inside the don't need another web host and there are no additional hosting fees!
    • shop Objects
      • A revolutionary page design & layout method from The shop is built from movable objects (banner ad, shop logo, search box, navigation bar, etc.) .These objects can be moved around headers and footers, left & right, to give each merchant the power to design the shop any way desired .
    • shop Themes
      • Choose 'fixed'  well designed templates: "Bookshop, Video shop, Computer shop, Grocery shop, etc."
    • Custom Pages
      • New! shop merchant can add own custom web pages with any desired layout / content. 
        Special session management keep session intact.

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